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#076 2016.08.14 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Audrey


#076 2016.08.14 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Audrey


thank you bbb staff for this <3<3<3

below is tsuyo's favourite eye mask xD he wore it for the sports test ep, and also for ousama no brunch's kaimono tatsujin corner

and also thank you koichi for making it even more fun to sub than it already is xD

*i'm flying to the land of the rising sun, good ramen and double tsu's in a few hours, and actually managed to finish this after i was done packing. woohoo! (ok i started after i was done with the sunflower ep haha)

hope the past 4 bbb eps can tide you over till next week when i'm back!

follow me on twitter! @double2subs
i will be spamming any goodies i am getting from johnny's shop and marius musical :D will try my luck at getting shock tickets too!

comments are love! thank you all for the feedback in the previous entry about the text!

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, kinki kids no bunbubuun
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