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#076 2016.08.14 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Audrey


#076 2016.08.14 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Audrey


thank you bbb staff for this <3<3<3

below is tsuyo's favourite eye mask xD he wore it for the sports test ep, and also for ousama no brunch's kaimono tatsujin corner

and also thank you koichi for making it even more fun to sub than it already is xD

*i'm flying to the land of the rising sun, good ramen and double tsu's in a few hours, and actually managed to finish this after i was done packing. woohoo! (ok i started after i was done with the sunflower ep haha)

hope the past 4 bbb eps can tide you over till next week when i'm back!

follow me on twitter! @double2subs
i will be spamming any goodies i am getting from johnny's shop and marius musical :D will try my luck at getting shock tickets too!

comments are love! thank you all for the feedback in the previous entry about the text!

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, kinki kids no bunbubuun
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March 20 2017, 16:30:07 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  March 20 2017, 16:30:31 UTC

Thanks yet again, you're making the Kinki fanbase as fresh as a spring breeze, especially for people who don't speak Japanese ;; Have fun in Japan!
you're welcome! thank you for your kind words! very happy to know that i'm contributing to the fanbase :D
Thank you! I love this episode, their old married couple vibe just so strong XDDD
Have fun travels in Japan ^^
you're welcome! yes i love this ep too, they are so comfortable with each other <3
Thanks for subbing!!
you're welcome!

Thank you!
Have a fun and safe trip♥

you're welcome! thanks for your well wishes :D
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hope you have splendid days in Japan....of course every seconds^^
you're very welcome! yes i did :D
Arigatou~ =D

I'm going to Japan too but in Aug. It'll be my first time in Japan. Plan to visit Osaka, Kyoto and Nara =) Look forward to it, even tho it won't be for another 4 months XD

Enjoy your holidays (and the sakuras) ^^
douitashimashite!! :D

wow! those are some of my favourite places in japan! i especially love the nara park and the deer, please go visit them! wish you a fruitful and safe trip! <3
thank you and happy trip... :-)
you're welcome! :D
Thanks a lot and have a nice flight and holiday! You deserve it
you're very welcome! thanks, i did enjoy myself very much :D
it's me again <3<3 thanks a lot for the sub <3 <3
thank you for always leaving a comment <3<3
Thank you!
you're welcome!

Wow I can't believe you just uploaded another subbed episode! Aren't you supposed to get ready to go to japan? XD

I seriously love bbb staffs editing prowess XD The way they edited the part when when them futari were jostling each other to the forbidden boundary with their single promotion was hilarious XD

Ahh so much combi-ai in this episode ❤❤   Although their mind are not really in sync with each other XD.

Thanks again for the upload love ❤❤   Have fun in Japan!

haha yes i was supposed to! but i managed to finish packing early, and i've been working on this ep over a few days lol

i love the staff too, they seem to love the kk chemistry even more than we do xDDD

this combi love episode was crazy, can't believe they did so horribly ROFL

you're welcome as always! <3
thank you! :DD
you're welcome! :DD
Taking, thank you! That looks like a funny episode! :D
you're welcome! yes it's hilarious, i laughed so much subbing it xD
100TH EPISODE OF BBB Omedetou gozaimasu.
thank you so much for subbing and sharing, Highly appreciated your hard work.
you're welcome! thank you so much for your appreciation *bows* glad you enjoy them :)
Thank you for subbing BBB! Have a wonderful trip!
you're welcome! thank you! i did :D
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