Janelle (paperclipz) wrote in double2subs,

#095 2017.02.12 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Kohinata Fumiyo

#095 2017.02.12 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Kohinata Fumiyo

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.11.46 AM.png

this smile never fails to melt my heart <3
and all of them are for koichi <3<3<3


when i first started watching, i didn't think much of the theme or content. but holy sh*t this is super fun to watch and i think i watched like over 20 times before even thinking about doing subtitles xD

tsuyoshi as expected excelled in the episode. but koichi stole the limelight in my opinion lol

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as usual, comments are love!

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, kinki kids no bunbubuun
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