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welcome to Double 2 subs!

Double 2 = Double Tsu ~ Tsuyoshi + Tsubasa :)
-- ‘Double 2’ is actually pronounced ‘Double Tsu’ xD

lj layout by layout_lounge

i translate and encode english subtitles for various videos featuring kinki kids / tackey & tsubasa

the videos are for learning and personal viewing only!

1) no streaming except my official dailymotion account
2) do not use my videos for any monetary gains by selling or the likes of webclicks etc!
3) do not upload elsewhere without permission or claim the videos as your own!
4) pleae feel free to share the lj or dm links as long as double2subs is credited, eg your own lj, or facebook; please do not share the download links directly!
5) if sharing on twitter, please retweet from @double2subs instead :)



feel free to request by leaving a comment below~ although i can't promise when i'll be able to fulfill them, but it gives me an idea of what you wanna watch :) it'll be extremely helpful to give me a link to download the raw too, or else i might not have a file to work on~

//about me//

double 2 is not a subbing group; there's just me and me only lol

i'm in my early 30s and have been on lj since high school lol
i have a full-time job but with a flexible schedule.

i started subbing back in 2010 as a way to contribute to the fansubbing community i've benefited very much from. but then i've found other interests, spent a lot of time building my career, and gradually disappeared from the fandom.
after resuming japanese lessons in june 2016, i started watching kinki kids again, which led me to restart my subbing project here and now :)

//what's next//

these are content i've shortlisted so far that i intend to sub:
(no guarantees tho! :X)

-- yakarane
-- su
-- various bbbs
-- kk party

//sub index//

kinki kids no bunbubuun
#035 2015.09.27 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Hokuto Akira & Sasaki Kensuke #1
#076 2016.08.14 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Audrey
#084 2016.10.23 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Natsuki Mari
#085 2016.10.30 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Nogizaka46 @ USJ (part 1)
#092 2017.01.15 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Unseen Compilation (clips)
#095 2017.02.12 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Kohinata Fumiyo
#096 2017.02.19 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Trendy Angel
#100 2017.03.19 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Imai Tsubasa & Takimoto Miori
#109 2017.06.04 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Ueto Aya
#111 2017.06.18 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Takizawa Hideaki
#126 2017.11.05 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Sakurai Hinako

domoto kyoudai
#070 2002.09.15 Domoto Kyoudai - Tackey & Tsubasa #1
#182 2005.01.09 Domoto Kyoudai (Unaired Scenes Collection) - Tackey & Tsubasa part
#421 2010.03.07 Domoto Kyoudai - Becky♪#

#10 2009.12.09 24CH△NNEL (+ KinKi Kids "J album" CM)
#12 2009.12.23 24CH△NNEL - Do I look like Johnny Depp?
#19 2010.02.17 24CH△NNEL

domoto tsuyoshi no yakarane
#012 2017.06.09 Domoto Tsuyoshi no Yakarane - Umeda to Nara by foot part 3

kinki kids

Domoto Koichi - Bad Desire PV
KinKi Kids - Topaz Love PV

Domoto Koichi BPM LE Bonus DVD "Secret Video"
KinKi you DVD Special Reel - Jet Coaster Romance parody

2001? Johnny's Power - KinKi Kids cuts
2001 Johnny's Power - KinKi Kids Johnny's King special
2004 Johnny's Film Festa - Imai Tsubasa & Domoto Tsuyoshi special talk
2010.08.31 Pussuma - Koichi's F1 talk
2010.09.05 Oshareism - Koichi's homemade Pan video
2010.12.04 Ousama no Brunch - KinKi Kids

2016.09.17 Ousama no Brunch Kaimono no Tatsujin - KinKi Kids
2017.07.02 Marco Porori Bus - Domoto Koichi
2017.07.10 Shabekuri 007 - Domoto Tsuyoshi part
2017.07.27 The Yakai - KinKi Kids (Koichi in Shibuya + studio talk)
2017.08.03 ZERO CULTURE - KinKi Kids
2017.12.14 SONGS - KinKi Kids ~the summer without you by my side~

tackey & tsubasa

Imai Tsubasa - Backborn PV

2001.09.16 Shounen Club - Takki cut
2002 USO! Japan - Dr. USO wakes Takki
2002.09.15 Domoto Kyoudai - Tackey & Tsubasa #1
2004 Johnny's Film Festa (fancam) - Tackey & Tsubasa + Takki & Aiba
2004 Johnny's Film Festa - Imai Tsubasa & Domoto Tsuyoshi special talk
2004.05.08 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards - Tsubasa part
2004.05.16 Channel-a - Tackey & Tsubasa talk
2005 Tackey & Tsubasa Go-Con fancams
2005.01.09 Domoto Kyoudai (Unaired Scenes Collection) - Tackey & Tsubasa part
2006.01.18 TVB Scoop (Hong Kong) - Takki interview
2017.03.19 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Imai Tsubasa & Takimoto Miori
2017.06.18 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Takizawa Hideaki

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Thanks for the BBB videos.
Would you be able to sub Ep. #74 of Bunbubun aired on July 31, 2016 w Toma Ikuta and Kamiyama Tomohiro?

I have the raw.
hi! that episode has been subbed already, links over at domotokyoudai


you'll have to join the community to access though :)
thank you so much for subbing the kinki kids show i've looked everywhere but i couldnt find it until i found urs. i really appreciate it ! if u dont mind i would like to request kinki kids BBB with hey say jump. anyway thank you again for the hard work.
hi sorry for the late reply!

ah the episode where HSJ and koichi wore yukatas and went to eat shaved ice? hmm
Thank you so much for Kinki Kids' video.
Would you be able to sub Bunbubun ep 113 with Suda Masaki and Nanao?
Thank you once again ^^~
hello! yes i was thinking of subbing that episode lol and i have my own raw for that :)
will do that when my work is not so busy :)) thanks!!
Hi Janelle,

First off all thanks for all the subs you've been providing us ^^
My fav so far is the BBB with Takki, Tsuba, and Ueto Aya <3

Hmmm, I wonder if this is a weird subbing request, but if you're not too busy, you think you might consider subbing an audio file? Or just a translation if converting the file into a blank-screen video with subtitles is too bothersome/time-consuming?

I have a recording of Donnamoya from 2014.10.20, which was aired right after they shot an episode of BBB where Kouichi got drunk because he kept loosing a food game and had to drink plenty of Chinese wine.
The radio session was really funny; I think--since my understanding of the Japanese language is close to zero. It's about 12 minutes long, including Kagi no Nai Hako played in the middle.

Thank you in advance m(._.)m

hello! sorry for the late reply!
you're very welcome! glad to know you've enjoyed the videos :D

ah i don't think i'm able to take this up, i'm so sorry! because this will need some form of graphics as well, i've seen those being done in japanese/chinese but i prob will stick to actual videos for now. much apologies! m(_ _)m
Heeey no worries ^^
I actually had a friend who interpreted this as we listened to it together some weeks ago 😄
Do let me know if you want to listen to the file tho, I mean if you havent already heheh
Hello! Thanks so much for all your subs! Very rare to see Kinki Kids show being subbed so I'm really grateful for it ><
I was wondering if you're willing to put this video on your future subs? It's Domoto Tsuyoshi and Oguri Shun interview, I don't think it has been subbed:

13.05.17 Bokura no Ongaku Domoto Tsuyoshi x Oguri Shun (only this since I don't want to be selfish)

Thanks so much if you do take it into consideration!
hi! sorry for the late reply!
you're welcome! i'm a lil sad that kk subs are rare now, but i'll try my best to keep up with regular releases :)

thanks for the link! i'll go check it out, but no promises though :X
(as you can see above i have a few requests that i've yet to fulfill and i'm such a procrastinator)

thanks again! have a great weekend!