Janelle (paperclipz) wrote in double2subs,

2010.08.31 Pussuma - Koichi's F1 talk

Why isn't there a regular bangumi for Koichi to talk about F1 and cars and the law of relativity? xD

2010.08.31 Pussuma - Koichi's F1 talk

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

[translation by my dear friend nickel56 who can rival Koichi in terms of level of enthusiasm for F1 :D The only reason she decided to watch and translate this for me LOL.]

*Professor K. Domoto: “And so cars are like THIS amazing their wheels are built to be round and do you know why round things can roll and what “diffuser” and “downforce” mean and why a race car faces more air resistance than a normal everyday car and why F1 is not just about being fast and OMG I HAVEN’T SPOKEN ENOUGH!!!!!”
Tags: domoto koichi, pussuma
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