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Johnny's Power #01 KinKi Kids cuts

My first 2 projects, released over the last 2 days :)

Johnny's Power #01 - Koichi talks about Nagase (TOKIO)

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

Johnny's Power #01 - Tsuyoshi talks about Okada (V6)

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

Johnny's Power #01 - KinKi Kids pedometer competition

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Tsuyoshi and Koichi embark on a “Who has the highest number of steps on my pedometer?” competition and end up looking less idol-ish than they should xD

Johnny's Power #01 - KinKi Kids complain about each other

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*KinKi Kids tells us (and each other) what the partner should improve on with Koichi agreeing but Tsuyoshi rebutting :D

Johnny's Power #01 - KinKi Kids spill each other's secrets

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Tsuyoshi teaches us a new way to use salt and create trouble for hotel people xD

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, johnny's power, kinki kids
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