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#182 2005.01.09 Domoto Kyoudai (clip) Unaired Scenes Collection - Tackey & Tsubasa part

I'm on a roll here~ xDDD

I love both Tsubasa and Tsuyoshi's hair in this clip!!! Tsubasa with his black short hair + bangs, and Tsuyoshi with his random asymmetrical cuts xDDD

#182 2005.01.09 Domoto Kyoudai (Unaired Scenes Collection) - Tackey & Tsubasa part

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Witness Takki’s love for Tsubasa, and Koichi’s “excellent” memory xDDD
PS: This corner is about digging up magazine quotes of the guests from long ago to ask them about it and find out more about them at that time~
Tags: domoto koichi, domoto kyoudai, domoto tsuyoshi, imai tsubasa, kinki kids, tackey & tsubasa, takizawa hideaki
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