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#10 2009.12.09 24CH△NNEL + KinKi Kids "J album" CM

I've subbed another episode of my favourite TSUYO-CHANNEL!! But why is this show ending??? :(((( And a number of other Johnny's regular shows too. I really hope Tsuyo gets a new programme *pouts*

Anyway, the raw came with one of the J album CMs so I've subbed that as well and clipped it out for those who just wants the CM :)

#10 2009.12.09 24CH△NNEL + KinKi Kids "J album" CM

24CH△NNEL: (MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Tsuyoshi creates a new type of fashion and teaches us how to apply wax to our hair, wear a stole and become as fashionable as him~ He also completes his own sunglasses and cracks crazy jokes throughout the episode. Look out for the ultra-cute and hilarious sneezing blunder before the credit roll xDDD

CM: (MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

Tags: 24CH△NNEL, cm, domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids
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