Janelle (paperclipz) wrote in double2subs,

Johnny's Film Festa 2004 fancam - Tsubasa & Tsuyoshi

Hello! I'm back from real life and here's a clip that was requested by dannys17~

Johnny's Film Festa 2004 - Imai Tsubasa & Domoto Tsuyoshi special talk

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Tsu-senior starts with a Shindoi-like opening, and questions Tsu-junior about the type of girl he likes. Tsu-junior asks Tsu-senior to teach him to play the guitar, but ends up getting nagged at and resorted to just saying “Hai!” xD
P/S: Quality of audio is quite muffled and not exactly in sync but still watchable. Their billion-dollar smiles are worth it :D
Tags: domoto tsuyoshi, imai tsubasa, johnny's film festa
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