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#012 2009.12.23 24CH△NNEL - Do I look like Johnny Depp?

I hope there are people as addicted to this show as I am! xDDDD

#012 2009.12.23 24CH△NNEL - "Make something clear Part 2 - Do I look like Johnny Depp?"

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Tsuyoshi got the chance to interview Johnny Depp one-on-one, just because they look alike…!!! (Don’t you get jealous of celebrities sometimes!?) Tsuyo did speak a little English (really just a little) and smiled super a lot throughout the episode :DDD

I love the show sooo much!!! Every week I still wait impatiently to watch this less-than-12-minute programme to feed my Tsuyo-addiction.. haha!
Tags: 24CH△NNEL, domoto tsuyoshi
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