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Johnny's Power - KinKi Kids "Johnny's King" Special

Here's another Johnny's Power clip! :D

PS: The first screencap really instill all the wrong thoughts xDDDDD

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*The ultimate Johnny’s No. 1 competition! KinKi Kids compete against each other over 4 tests to determine who’s “Johnny’s King”! Who can do a handstand longer? Who has stronger ab and back muscles? And who has more… luck? It’s absolutely hilarious to watch KinKi, especially Tsuyoshi, break into Kansai-ben when they’re in a tight situation xDDDD

-- It’s hard to know when these episodes aired tho, I tried searching online but even the uploader didn’t know the exact broadcast dates ^^ Based on their hair, I’d think it’s 2001? When Tsuyoshi acted in “Gakkou no Sensei” and Koichi in “Rookie”…
Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, johnny's power, kinki kids
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