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2001.09.16 Shounen Club - Takki cut

Hey all! Thanks for all your support for the past few releases, I've read all your comments, and really appreciate them, and of course to everyone who added this community to your friends list, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!! :DDD

To express my gratitude, I continued to sub more videos and here I have another chibi video, of Takizawa Hideaki :D

2001.09.16 Shounen Club - Takki cut (11 mins 10 secs)

(MEGA) - reuploaded in 2017

*Various footages of Takki was shown, all the way from the time he first appeared on NHK when he was 13. He sang, danced, created random hilarious characters and also did video production~ a really multi-talented artiste!! :D
*Many chibi-Johnny’s here, including then-hosts Kazama Shunsuke, Yamapi (NEWS) and Yokoyama Yuu (Kanjani8), and short appearances of Tsubasa, Ikuta Toma, MatsuJun (Arashi), Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8) and so on, within the footages.
PS: I didn’t sub the singing parts, sorry! As usual, quality of old videos is not that good ne~ and the volume for this clip is pretty soft, so you may need to max out your volume. But remember to lower it after watching, don’t be like me who’d always get a shock when I played another video after that XD
Tags: imai tsubasa, shounen club, tackey & tsubasa, takizawa hideaki
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