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#035 2015.09.27 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Hokuto Akira & Sasaki Kensuke #1

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, kinki kids no bunbubuun
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Thank you! ^^
you're welcome! ^^
Thank you so much! I love Kinki Kids :)
you're welcome! :D i love kk too xD
oh my God, 3 episode in one week ! you are amazing ! Thank you so much
haha i had some time to work on them at home so... xD you're welcome!
Wow you are on a roll! To share with us this much subbed bbb episodes in a week, you must be an angel <3 Thank you sooo much!

I really like the subbing style you did for this video. Having the texts subbed makes the show even more hilarious. I like BBB production staffs quirky sense of humor :D
Although it must be a pain subbing all those texts that mostly appear for only split seconds XD

Anyway Akira-san & Kensuke-san is just the sweetest and the most adorable couple ever! Their relationship gives me hope that it is possible to have such a happy marriage >.<

And Tsuyoshi please go and have this haircut again. He looked so gooood with this haircut.
awwww thank you <3 yes i was on a roll, like koichi said, once you start you can't stop xD

thanks for the feedback! this video looks more "complete" with everything subbed too i feel. the staff are hilarious xD just that.. there are TOO MANY colours on there, trying to match the colours was a pain :P

the couple are really just too sweet! yes they kinda restored my faith in humanity :D

i miss tsuyoshi's short hair too, but he doesn't seem to want to cut it any time soon ;_;

and i'm very touched for your long comment, i feel so loved <3 thank you!!!

Awwwww I'm touched too by your comment <3<3<3 So much love in your awesome community :D

As for the text subs, I thinks it's ok for you not to match it with each colour of the text. It must be a hassle to do so (-.-;) Maybe you could just use one specific font type and colour instead just specially for the text? It will definitely makes the subbing work less of a hassle XD Just the fact the you bothered to sub the text is enough for me to enjoy this show :D

Anyway get a good rest :D It must be tiring subbing them all in a week span.

haha but i'm picky like that, if the colours don't match, i get annoyed... :O and because of kind fellow kk fans like you who leave lovely messages on my lj, i am motivated to continue working hard 💪🏻

i'm flying off to japan in a few hours, so i won't be releasing anything till next week... please wait a little while! onegaishimasu 🙇🏻‍♀️
Haha yeah I totally get it. I tried subbing a PV (which was only 4 mins long XD) once and and it took me foreeeeever to be satisfied with my subbing work. So I can only imagine how much more tedious it would be subbing a much longer show like bbb with the constant texts appearing and the futari interactions with their guests.

Aww man I'm so jealous you get to travel to japan \(>.<)/ It's been years since I've been there and I miss travelling in japan T-T

Have a safe trip!
so much feels on this episode! thank you for your hard work!
yes the couple moments are so touching <3 you're welcome! enjoy!
Thank you! This seems like a super fun episode! Thanks for this :D
This was a really sweet episode!! Thank you so much! :D
Thank you for subbing ^^
Many many thanks!!^^
I had watched it raw, but now I'm gonna really enjoy it!
taking it... thank you so much!!
Thank you!
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