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#095 2017.02.12 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Kohinata Fumiyo

#095 2017.02.12 KinKi Kids no Bunbubuun - Kohinata Fumiyo

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.11.46 AM.png

this smile never fails to melt my heart <3
and all of them are for koichi <3<3<3


when i first started watching, i didn't think much of the theme or content. but holy sh*t this is super fun to watch and i think i watched like over 20 times before even thinking about doing subtitles xD

tsuyoshi as expected excelled in the episode. but koichi stole the limelight in my opinion lol

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as usual, comments are love!

Tags: domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, kinki kids, kinki kids no bunbubuun
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Thanks for the subs and welcome back to subbing! :D It's really wonderful to see someone return to the fandom after a long absence. It had seemed to me that the most active period of the KinKi Kids fandom online had long passed, with a lot of the ljs being from years ago, so for the most part, as a new fan, my fandom experience has felt like a journey back into time. I have only really gotten into them this past year (and watching Koichi's F1 talk that you subbed really warmed me up to Koichi :P), but now the timelines are converging! It's so surreal to see lj entries 6-7 years apart! It's great! I'd like to offer my help if there's anything to make subbing easier for you.
you're welcome! sorry i was gone too long 😵 sad to hear that the kk lj fandom has kinda declined and i was part of that 😔 and thanks for taking your time to write! haha the f1 talk clip was a collaboration with my friend who is a SMAP fan and also very into F1... without her i wouldn't understand half of it :P and for someone my age... 2010 doesn't sound very long ago :X and thanks for offering to help! i'm still ok now but will drop you a message if i need assistance! :D
Man, you're on a roll! Thanks again~
hahaha yesss xD you're welcome!
wow thank you for subbing this and sharing! it's been so long since I enjoyed a subbed Kinki show. And that this actor is the guest! I am always seeing him in doramas and movies (he is everywhere) but never in a variety show (not that I remember anyway)
you're welcome! haha i should have more bbb on the way ;) erm i don't remember kohinata-san actually but he seems to be a nice adorable father kinda guy after i watched this ep :D


11 months ago


11 months ago

Thank you for subbing <3~
you're welcome! <3
Thanks for subbing. I love BBB and there's not enough subbed episodes out there so i dont get to watch it much.
Appreciate all of your hard work
you're welcome! yeah i've heard that subbed bbb aren't very common, yoshi i'll do more over the next few weeks :D
Thanks for subbing!!
you're welcome!!
Thank you very much for subbing this episode with Kohinata Fumio san.
you're welcome! :D
Thank you
you're welcome!
you're so productive! I love it XD thank you for sharing :)
haha i had free time yesterday and decided to see if i can finish one ep in a day :P you're welcome! :D
Omg! Thanks again for this~ omg~ i'm crying tears of joy lolol
you're welcome! haha i love your userpic xD
sugoi ! arigatou!
haha douitashimashite!
Thank you so much, in a time when a lot of the subbers are gone from the fandoms it makes me so happy to see you post. Thank you so much for all your hard work you do for us non-Japanese speaking fans. We do appreciate so much.

hi bec, you're welcome! unfortunately i was one of them who left... but glad to be back! thank you for your kind words! i'll work hard to release more subbed videos! always happy to share kinki to the world! xD
Thank you again xD
Much love <3
you're welcome! <3
Yay you uploaded a new subbed episode!! In a span of few hours at that.Thank you so so much!

It's always great to know that Koichi's drawing skill is still at the same level as mine. I can feel some sort of connection to him XD
haha yeah! i had the whole day free yesterday and i really love this ep so... xD you're welcome!

i think i'm even worse than koichi! can't draw to save my life 😵 maybe that's why i really really REALLY admire tsuyoshi's artistic talents! :D
Thank you for subbing. I'm so glad to find another Kinki subbed videos :")
you're welcome! more coming up, pls look forward to it :D
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