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Double 2 = Double Tsu ~ Tsuyoshi + Tsubasa :)
-- ‘Double 2’ is actually pronounced ‘Double Tsu’ xD

Videos shared are for learning and personal viewing only!

1) Do not ever upload the clips onto streaming sites such as YouTube or Crunchyroll!
2) Do not use my videos for any monetary gains by selling or the likes of webclicks etc!
3) Do not upload elsewhere without permission or claim the videos as your own
4) You may share the LJ URLs as long as Double 2 is credited, eg your own LJ, or Facebook
5) If sharing on Twitter, please retweet from @double2subs instead :)
6) Mirrors are welcome! Just drop a comment in the corresponding post~



If you have a clip you’d like to be subbed, you can leave a comment here to request. I can’t guarantee that it can be done in the quickest time, but if I’m able to help, I’ll be glad to :D

Do note that:

-- I’m willing to sub videos of Tackey & Tsubasa, KinKi Kids, or any of their solo appearances.
-- The requester has to either have the raw file, or point me somewhere I can download the file directly.

//about me//

double 2 is not a subbing group; there's just me and me only lol

i'm actually not very much younger than tsubasa, and have been on lj since dial-up days :O
i have a full-time job but with a flexible schedule.

i started subbing back in 2010 as a way to contribute to the fansubbing community i've benefited very much from. then unfortunately i've found other interests, spent a lot of time building my career, and slowly left the fandom.
after resuming japanese lessons in june 2016, i started watching kinki kids again, which led me to restart my subbing project here and now :)

hopefully i'll stay on for a while more ;)

//what's next?//

these are content i've shortlisted so far that i intend to sub:
(no guarantees tho! :X)

-- #100 bbb WING AND RAMEN
-- kindergarten
-- tsuyoshi army?

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